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#TenDayTokyoTrip Part 3: Sunday Shibuya Stroll

“Life’s imperfections create the perfect stories of life.” – Alas

Your not-so-trusted adventurerer/blogger is back! Can I get a woop-woop??

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After having a month-long break from blogging due to my fully-loaded schedule last April, I AM FINALLY BACK AND FULL OF ADVENTURES STORIES TO SHARE! So here I am, with a huge smile stamped on my face as I sat in front of my laptop. I browsed all of our photos from our Tokyo trip and goosebumps kept crawling up my spine. Everything still feels so surreal for me. As if I went through a wild japanese-inspired, fairytale rollercoaster ride, and then brought back to the human world.

There are a lot of things going on behind these typed words. I really can’t wait to share all of it to you, my fellow adventurers, but for now lets stay focused and continue the journey that we have started. Lets go and head to the 3rd day of our #TenDayTokyoTrip which we’ll name “Sunday Shibuya Stroll.”

[Feb 12, 2017. Sunday.]


IMG_3648A bright and sunny, yet chilly afternoon greeted us that day. The plan for our Sunday was plain and simple; attend a christian service and stroll around the colorful and youthful district of Shibuya. We searched the web for a nearby Every Nation church and found a venue somewhere close to a Disney store in the district.

The christian service was being held at a basement hall of a hotel and we attended its 1pm service. I found the preaching segment of the service really interesting. Because, unlike in the Philippines where a single pastor is on stage preaching the gospel, here in Shibuya there were two pastors preaching side-by-side. One spoke in american english while the other translated everything to nihonggo, and vice versa.


Photo by Jennica using iPhone6s.

I must say, listening to the word of God using diverse language—both at the same time—amused me. Its like I’m watching some animé or a japanese documentary that talks about God. And when it was time for worship, our jaws dropped to the floor and our eyes were damped with tears. The worship team played such beautiful music that transformed the atmosphere inside that hall and sent everyone into a spiritual trance. After the program, we talked to some new found friends and even met fellow Victory church goers all the way from the Philippines who were also having their “downtime” in the country.


Now that we are recharged and refreshed with God’s word, we’re back to our regular schedule. Time to get lost, once again!


We crossed the street and passed by some familiar brands like Tower Records, ABC Mart, etc. Still, we head on and didn’t think of the direction. Amidst lined-up retail shops, fast food and other establishments, I found a group of men posing in front of a crowd.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.15.00 AM

They were dressed in kimonos, topped with bolero hats and held silver tongs like it was some kind of katana sword. I instantly recognized the group and started documenting their routine. These group of young lads in kimonos are trending recently online and known as the Gomihiroi Samurai or ‘The Samurai Who Pick Up Litter’ and they officially call themselves as Jidaigumi Basara.


[Watch Jidaigumi Basara and their routine in Shibuya here.]

Their mission is to protect the district and its people from wandering litter in the streets. They roam around Shibuya ward stopping at every corner and picking up trash from every gutter. Their routine of waving tongs gracefully and picking up trash in synchronized movement makes them very entertaining to watch as they promote clean and green environment. These modern-day heroes are the type of people we need to encounter today, they are effective in spreading a message that would simply remind us to throw our trash properly and somehow, contribute in saving the world.

Kudos to you, young samurais of Jidaigumi Basara.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.56.47 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.59.35 PM

We passed by an old man selling some sweet potato from the back of a small truck. We bought a few pieces of freshly steamed yams for Mori but it was me and Jennica who really enjoyed eating them! I got so dumbfounded after having a bite of the yam. They were incredibly soft, warm and sweet, and was timely for our growling tummies.


A few steps later, I came across two guys selling freshly brewed coffee, straight from the back of a mini van! They named it the “Travelling Coffee.” The brew was really good and practically cheap, yet I still ended up having a small discount!


They saw me having so much trouble looking for change inside my trusty Totoro coin purse(which I bought from Kichijoji), they decided to take whatever amount I had. I think I was 50 to 100 yen short. It was not that big of a gesture, but for a filipino backpacker like me, it was heartwarming. I shooked their hands firmly, sent my huge thanks and bid them farewell.


We continued to traverse and crossed another intersection and finally, we opened our Google Maps just to check where we ended up. And according to our IP, we arrived in Omotesando. Jennica and her jolly ol’ self started jumping around with excitement and asked me if we can visit Kiddie Land, a huge toy store company in Japan and apparently, one huge branch is a few shimmies away.


As we walked our way going to Kiddie Land, Jennica realized that we still haven’t had dinner yet. We searched for the nearest restaurant, and one ramen place happened to be stationed right behind Kiddie Land. I WON THIS ROUND! Hahaha.

IMG_0902 (edited)

We ordered two kinds of ramen, one ‘shio’ and one ‘shoyu.’ Jennica loved the shio ramen, but me, I didn’t care enough to ask. I slurped and slurped like there was no tomorrow! I can never get tired of eating ramen.

After our warm and hearty dinner, we went straight to Kiddie Land toy store. This branch is a 5-story building with each floor boasting thousands of toys, collectibles and merchandises. From Hello Kitty to Star Wars to One Piece exclusive figures, they have it all! But my wife’s agenda was aimed for only one thing: TAMAGOTCHI!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.22.18 PM

[Watch Mori play arcade games in Kiddie Land, Jingumae here.]

We usually don’t bring Mori to toy stores because according to our research, loud and vibrant places and can sometimes over-stimulate a child. But this store had an exception as long as we don’t stay too long inside.

Luke's Lobster

When Jennica’s Tamagotchi goals were done, we decided to go home. But little did we know that our bellies were set for another special treat that night. We found a Luke’s Lobster stand in the middle of Omotesando, and there was no line! And Jennica was hungry still, so we shared a big lobster sandwich and contemplated with our lives. Is this the sign that we should move to Japan? … You know I’m kidding, right? But seriously! Luke’s Lobster sandwich is a killer!

Shibuya Lights

[Watch the full highlights video of Sunday Shibuya Stroll by clicking this link.]

And that’s it! Hope you had fun with our 3rd day in Tokyo! You can visit my Facebook page if you want to check out more photos and videos on this part of our trip.

Thanks for dropping by! And see you on our next adventure!

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