“Alwyn Adventures: The Online Revolution”


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“I maybe clueless with what I’m doing right now. . . But I think this is the perfect place for me to start.”



“Anyone can create a thousand ways to inspire others just by sharing one’s passion.” 

This idea of a project was inspired by my beautiful and loving wife, Jennica. (After all, she inspires me a lot in all aspects of life!) My wife is Jennica Garcia-Uytingco, she’s a tv personality and a public figure. Jennica started blogging since 2010. At the age of 26, she’s now a full-time wife and a passionate mom. When the schedule allows her, she makes time in maintaining her blog site. In Mori Mommy, Jennica talks about the struggles of a first time mom. She does her own research and applies her newly discovered tips in parenting to keep our beautiful little angel, Athena Mori, in perfect health as well as maintaining the balance in our home. She is an advocate of Natural Parenting, a healthy alternative way of nurturing children starting from their infant stage. She discusses more about her advocacy by blogging about food, arts and crafts, anything that supports her mission and vision. Jennica hopes that one day, this advocacy would inspire all parents to be more intentional with their role as the nurturer of the next generation. (Check out Jennica’s blog site Mori Mommy here.)

I found this “blogging” thing so intriguing I began to ask myself, “should I start my own blog?” Then I consulted my good friend and my producer Michael Eijansantos. Michael is a CEO of premium sports media and lifestyle websites which are My Life On Board and Café Racer Philippines. On one of our meetings, Mike shared to me his wisdom about social media and gave me tips on how to start my own blog site. What he said was something like this, if one will utilize this powerful medium, which is the internet, anyone can create a thousand ways to inspire others just by sharing one’s passion. He gave me a lot of practical advices and reference books to equip me with my project. So big thanks to you, ‘boss chief’ Mike!


The Art of Not Knowing / Photo by Jennica Garica-Uytingco



Maybe we’ve met in person or online. But I guess, most of you never had the chance to know me personally, especially my growing family. So why don’t we do that right now? Here in my online journal, all of you are welcome to know more about me and our Pamilya Uytingco(Uytingco Family)!

Now, let me ‘semi-properly’ or ‘digitally’ introduce myself.

My real name is Cipriano Alwyn S. Uytingco III. I am a father, a husband, a filmmaker and an actor.  I work for TV5, My Life On Board ( and Cafe Racer Philippines (

I know. My name sounds so complicated! I’ve been living by that name for quite a while now. For 28 years, I experienced the challenges and all typo errors, etc. At a glance, this construction of a name is really nauseating! I don’t know what my parents were thinking at that moment but they came up with this jumble of words to baptize their first son. Hahaha. But here’s the thing, as I start to grow older(and hopefully mature) I am beginning to realize that my name is somehow, unique. Now, let’s try something fun and deconstruct my given name!

(To make things less overbearing, will start deconstructing with my nick name.)


Most people know me by my nickname: “ALWYN UYTINGCO.”

Alwyn is actually a German word for ‘friend’. Which explains why I like making friends! I love meeting new people. I have this idea of being friends with everyone in the world! So, yup. I guess my first name really suits me! (Feel free to ask me anything or just send me a greeting anytime through PM on my Facebook page. Click the link here.)

My last name is harder to explain though. Uytingco. Its origin is Chinese. And technically, it consists of three family names combined altogether. First is Uy then Ting and then Co. If you research these family names, you would actually find well off families and some of them are actually famous. But if you combine these three surnames, you get Uy-Ting-Co. And that’s definitely my family! I like the idea that our family name is technically built by different families and joined together as one. (That is some metaphor right there, my friend!)

Now, if we put together my nick name and my family name, this would practically be its meaning:

Alwyn Uytingco: “a friendly german guy that is related to different Chinese families.”

Which explains why I am an awkward and weird person! Hahaha. (I willl share more about myself and the origin of my full name on my next blog about #Family.)



“This medium has moved me tremendously, it pushed me to start practising filmmaking through self-study.” – AU

I started acting when I was 5 years old. I got introduced to the ‘showbiz’ industry very early, which made my passion develop in different ways. At this point, I won’t be able to expound on how amazed I am with the process of creating films. This medium has moved me tremendously, it pushed mo start practising filmmaking through self-study.

Utilizing my years of experience as an actor, reading film books and attending workshops are my tools in preparing myself to become a good filmmaker. Yes, I have no proper education in this profession. And I would choose to study in big filmmaking schools, if given the chance. But at this point, I don’t have the luxury spending tantamount of time and money to learn things formally because I also need to work for my family. So it led me to this process of ‘learning as I go.’

I believe that all of our skills are gifts from the Lord. And I’m sure that He is the greatest mentor that I will ever need in learning this craft. I think anything can be made possible if we are humble enough to accept that we are not perfect as artists, or as humans in general. Yet in every project lies a new opportunity for us to learn more about what we do for living. As long as we remain passionate to create, success will act as a ‘bonus’ as we focus on the outcome of our hard work and not just aiming for the gain.

This process may sound inefficient. But I’m willing to take my chances.


A Candid Family Picture / Photo by Mico Aytona



First and foremost, welcome to my online journal! In a wide perspective, my quest in ALWYN ADVENTURES is to blog and document about our journey of having a healthy growing family.

Inspirations and musings may come into our lives from ways we can’t foresee.  Some get their inspirations from other people’s work. Through films, books, paintings or music, you can be inspired by anything! It only depends on how we look at our surroundings. I was inspired to launch this website for a handful of reasons. First is when I got married to my wife, Jennica. God showed me how he can bless my life in so many ways through our marriage. Good things started to happen in my life ever since we got married. And the second most important reason of all, is the fact that I am now a father. A family man. Since the day I saw my child being born in this world, it dawned at me. An overwhelming energy(it might be the Holy Spirit!) started pushing me to create, explore and engage to the world. This initiated me to share stories of our family, our faith, our day-to-day life experiences and even our small adventures to the world, hoping that these stories could possibly inspire others to live boldly and passionately.

Here are the three major topics that I will explore in this website.



“You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

I want to talk about LIFE. I have plenty of things to talk in regards to this amazing gift from God. I find it quite interesting and most of us are not aware; we humans are inclined to curiosity. We try conquer this unending quest to find the right answers to our what’s, why’s and how’s. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? How are we going to maintain balance in humanity? One of my favorite song from Coldplay is titled “Viva La Vida”. A spanish term for “live life.” And I want to encourage everyone to live your life to the full. But how can we do that? Where do we find the right answers?

This is the biggest part of our journey. From theories about life, the greatest bible verses that we can quote, to the wisest teachings of the most influencial people we can get hands on, we will dig deep on the origins of life. I hope you join me as I explore on these topics, hoping that we could learn something new on every article. (And please, feel free to suggest anything you want me to talk about! I will try my best to accomodate all of your requests.)



“The family is God’s greatest masterpiece.” – Anonymous

As I said earlier, I was motivated to blog about my family. First of all, God is and will always be at the center of my life. And through him, he blessed me with this incredibly gift. The gift of having a family and being able to race my own children. But recently, I found out that there are a few men who blog about fatherhood. Especially in our country. Maybe they’re too busy with work or with their businesses. And we can’t blame them for providing for their family. I just want to say that if you are one of us, a father, or even if you are not yet a father and you’re looking forward to be one in the future, I hope that you could contribute and share inspiring stories about fatherhood. I know I can’t do this alone.

Our role as one of the main factors in a family is not a simple task. In fact, fatherhood is imperative in our society. Being a great dad to our children will mean so much to the world. So as a young ‘Tatay'(father), in this part of my blog I will discuss my thoughts on the importance of fatherhood and share my progress as I lead my own family.



“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland)

How sad can this quote be? Its true, not all of us have the privilege to travel and enjoy the beauty this world can offer. Yet most of us don’t even aim and dream of going out on the wild, backpacking to the road less traveled and just explore anywhere other than the office building that they go to everyday. Let me tell you this, life is more than working to pay the bills or wasting every cent on getting drunk every weekend. Believe me, I went through that ‘wild-and-free’ stage when I was young. Having fun with friends is always priceless, I get that. But partying every Friday or Saturday night won’t make you grow as a human being.

We love to travel, my wife and I. We are crazy for discovering new places, experiencing different cultures and reconnecting to the world. My wife, to be honest, loves to to travel because she gets to shop at different exotic stores and visit amusement parks. While I on the other hand, I really like being in the center of the most scenic places and taking photos of them. I love going into museums and learning bits of every country’s history. Witnessing various cultures can never go old. From clothing style, means of transportation, to hobbies and food. Oh, don’t get me started on food! Because we really love eating!

I will be documenting most of my work-based travels and family vacations as well, so watch out! I will try to post photos and videos so together we can look back and make us inspire to travel more!

These are the key topics that I will be exploring in this webpage. I hope this blog site will keep you inspired in several aspects of life. I’ll keep you posted when my next blog is up.

Thank you guys for coming by and see you on my next adventure!

“Adventure is everywhere. All it takes is for you to make the first step.” – AU

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Alwyn Uytingco

I am an actor, a filmmaker and a family man.

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