“A Masterpiece Called Family”


[An art installation showcasing a ‘contemporary’ take on the traditional nativity display in Prado Farms Eco Resort.]


“The family is God’s greatest masterpiece.” – Anonymous

HELLO GUYS! And welcome back to my online journal. It is the season again to be merry and the season for gift giving. But before we begin to hop for joy, pump up the karaoke’s volume and start celebrating the Yuletide season, I want us to reflect first on the real essence of this unique holiday we call CHRISTMAS!

Many of us already know the story that inspired this celebration. Every 25th of December of each year, we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Which explains why it is called CHRIST-mas. And this significant moment in Jesus’ life is the story that I want us to explore, the day that he was born in this world. When we talk about Christmas, we can’t help but think of parties, family gatherings, overflowing food and drinks, and of course, gifts! Age doesn’t apply here because Christmas is for everyone’s delight! But if we go further down the road, it reveals that Christmas is all about family.


[At the famous Mines View Park in Baguio city.]


In this holiday season, the Bible constantly reminds us the great importance of family. The apostle Luke wrote in his book and shared that God had chosen a family that will bring forth His Son to our world and save us from our imminent ‘eradication’ due to God’s judgement of His people. Joseph and Mary took a long journey to Bethlehem to protect their son. Despite the high risk and burdensome circumstance, Mary’s healthy baby boy was born in a manger. And they named it Jesus Christ.

Although we’ve heard and read this story for the nth time, there is this one quintessential element in this world-changing event that we tend to overlook.

FACT: God established a family for Jesus.

The Lord chose Mary and Joseph to take responsibility as the parents and guardians of His Son, Jesus. And because of their compliance to God’s orders, this couple played a big role in one of the grandest moments in human history.

What does this actually mean? Okay, think about this scenario..

If you’re on a crucial job interview and they ask you a question like: “what is your deepest desire in life?”

Or imagine sitting next to you is Boy Abunda and he asks you: “what is your biggest dream that you want to achieve in life?” … what will be the first thing that pops in your head?

Do you imagine yourself saying something like this?

“Sir, my deepest desire in life is to build a family of my own. And I will work very hard to support my family. Because in my opinion, family is the greatest investment that I could make in this lifetime.” 

“You know what, Tito Boy, I want to have a family. I wanna get married and have dozens of kids!”


Not often in a many chances that an individual who is young, single and boasts great talent will give you this as a reply. Young people nowadays are really passionate with being successful. But sadly, the thought of getting married and building a family is nothing but a bland, corny joke for most of them. Why? Because today’s society defines family as something casual, or worst, ‘optional’. The idea of starting and having a family almost doesn’t fit in their fast-paced, trend-driven and career-centered lifestyle.

Yes, Joseph was ready to take Mary’s hand in marriage. But even someone like him was skeptical at first to father a child who was not his! And most of us are often doubtful at times. Especially when we are making big decisions in life that can risk our name or our future success.

Still we can’t blame most of us. People who have experienced traumatizing events with their families create scars that are so deep, it won’t heal unless we choose to. I, unfortunately share a comparable story. Our parents broke up sometime between 2007-2008. They now live in seperate homes. And the same thing happened with my wife’s parents. I guess, many of us here can relate to this kind of drama in our lives. But it doesn’t have to end there.


[“That Thing Called ‘Sagada’ Moment”]


Like for me and Jennica, we transposed our frustrations and heartaches into motivation and hoped for the best that it would help us find answers. Thankfully, God was watching our every move. He heard our prayers and eventually led us to a path that we were looking for. (In fact, we didn’t even know that there was such a ‘way’.)

He reminded us of His grace, forgiveness and love.

Every time we remember our disappointments in life and our families, God was there to remind us that we are not alone.  Our earthly parents couldn’t be perfect, but our Heavenly Father is and will always be. We felt His love and it started to embrace us, which gave us peace. When we began to accept Jesus Christ, we felt the overflowing love and grace that comes from Him. Our frustrations and heartaches slowly faded away and gave us hope to build our own family. We can’t help but continue to love each other and the people around us. And suddenly, we got reconnected to our parents and our siblings once again.


[Pre-nup Photo by Image Savvy]


Thus, Jennica and I’s passion to build our own family have been set. We want to provide a good environment for our growing family because we believe that the next generation’s future lies inside the home. All of us will have to look closely inside our houses. For home is where the heart is.



[Swimming is one of our favorite family activity!]


In my first blog I quoted something about family. I don’t know who shared this idea but that person surely knows what he’s talking about. And the quote says: “the family is God’s greatest masterpiece.” 

This quote described family using only two words that weigh so heavily: greatest and masterpiece. When we talk about about masterpieces, we get a mindset that an individual or a group of people exerts tantamount of efforts to create something for their craft. Whether its in a form of painting, music or film, most masterpieces are conjured by dedicated artists. And in reference to the quote, it is stated that God is an artist. And his greatest masterpiece is the family.

Are you passionate to start your own family? Well, I pray and hope that you are planning to build one someday.

A family consists of a husband, a wife and children. It’s main ‘ingredients’ seems so simple yet the context of a family can be abstract for most people. Especially today where the contemporary culture defines family differently to how God created it.

My point here is that we should treasure our family more than anything. Of course, God should be at the top of priority. But next to it should be our family. Not our business. Not our wealth. Not our career. First God, and then second family.


[“YES! WE DID IT!” / A jumping photo of me and my beautiful bride, right after our ‘intimate’ wedding ceremony on Feb 12, 2014 held at Victory Greenhills. Photo by Image Savvy]


[A candid photo of Nanay and Mori during a photo shoot for MOME nursing wear.]


[Family portrait at the Alice in Wonderland event at EDSA Shangri-la last November.]

It is the family that creates life and makes it more precious.


If you are a husband or a father, a wife or a mother, learn to be more compassionate and understand that your role as the wife/husband and the parents of your kids is a big responsibility. God has blessed you with these roles because He believes and trusts in you. Never doubt yourself, because God did not think twice when he gave you your own family. And as you lead them the best way possible, your ‘small tribe’ will generate lots of blessings for your family, and eventually extending the blessing to your neighbors and community.

If you are a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, learn how to communicate with your parents and siblings. No matter what the occasion, talk to them and show them that you love and respect them. Your parents will never be perfect, just like you. So learn to forgive and send them the love this holiday season. Its the best gift you can offer to your family.

Let me end with this quote from one my favorite actors, Mr. Michael J. Fox:

“Family is not an important thing, it is everything.” – Michael J. Fox

Lastly, the best gift you can give this Christmas is LOVE. Not the mushy, cheesy, romantic kind of love that you see on movies. Its the selfless, unending, no-holds-barred, doesn’t-ask-anything-in-return kind of love, which is called ‘agape’ love.


[God’s love can be felt in different ways. Sometimes you will see it through His creations.]

I also want to thank and acknowledge my “classmate” and one of Victory Greenhills’ pastors, Pastor Joash Paunil for sharing his insights about family building. And also Bryan Villamor and his creative team at Image Savvy for our pre-nup photos. Thank you my brothers!

Merry Christmas to all of us! And see you on my next adventure!

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